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    Default grade/drop for running a drain line?

    I bought an old house in Ohio. Every time I use the kitchen sink I get a Gurgling sound. The line runs straight down into the basement floor (no vent) never had one as to why the gurgling sounds. I was thinking of abandoning that line because I think it's an original OLD clay line and I fear it's leaking or broke someplace under my basement floor. My idea was to use 1.5" PVC waste or maybe even 1" PVC? I don't have a disposal.

    The problem is, the sink is about 25' from the stack and if I went over head I only have 4-5" of drop to work with. Is that good enough? If I put clean outs at both ends just in case?

    Go with a bigger pipe? Less drop or smaller pipe more drop. This is pretty much just water and small food waste. I really don't want to have to break up the concrete all the way to the stack.

    My other concern is, I think the pipe is broken some place under the basement floor and might be causing some dampness.

    It's an open ceiling in the basement and the kitchen sink and waste line stack are right in the middle of the basement I could go lower maybe on one end but I'd rather not be banging my head on PVC waste line if I don't have too. Maybe any other idea's?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: grade/drop for running a drain line?

    Kitchen sink waste lines should be 2". The required pitch is 1/4" per ft.


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