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    Default Anyone have Beveled vinyl tile without grout?

    I currently have a ceramic tile floor in my kitchen/breakfast room. Unfortunately, in 5 years since the house was built the tile has repeatedly come loose and the grout has cracked. It's been replaced in the areas where this is occurring at least 10 times. (there's no moisture under the house) I'm finally accepting that we simply need to use something else and we are looking at Dura Ceramic (vinyl tile with a beveled edge) and skipping the grout.

    My question is, has anybody used this in their home? I am curious mostly about dirt building up in the it a problem? Does it look ok over time? I think sheet vinyl flooring is just awful, but if I install this tile and it's a major problem, hubby will have a fit. We both just want to end this agony.

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    Default Re: Anyone have Beveled vinyl tile without grout?

    Hello, I know it has been a while since this post. However, I am facing the same dilemma and just wondering what you decided to do?? Obviously, it would be much easier to just install the tiles and not grout them, plus I'm concerned about the grout holding up on our floor. On the other hand, I've placed 3 tiles up against each other and am worried about dirt in the cracks. Any input you have would be GREATLY appreciated

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