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Thread: Holly Help

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    Cool Holly Help

    I planted two beautiful female hollies about three months ago.They are in a great location with a good mixture of sun and shade.The proper amount and type of holly fertilizer was used in the planting,and the growth rate is good at about an inch and a half.I am getting some yellow leaves and dont know why.Is this normal or could my wattering be off.We have gotten a lot of rain so I haven't watered in several weeks.Thanks all, Chuck

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    Probably just normal for a new plant getting established. If it looks healthy and is growing it's most likely fine. Once established, most hollies are hardy. Some varieties can be hard to grow, I think dragon is one.
    Holly leaves do yellow and drop, but I think that mostly happens in the fall. They just don't drop all at once like a dsciduaous plant.

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