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    We purchased a new gas range after it was installed when we turned on a burner we got a loud hum. We had a repair man came out and he said we needed a new regulator, it was installed and the range still hummed. Sears then replaced the range after it was installed, you guessed it it still hummed. they then replaced that regulator and it still hummed. We had a plumber come out twice to check our gas line. Once before the second range and once after the second range, two different companies. They said our gas lines and supply were fine. We returned the range and purchased another make and model. The burners still hummed. I then replaced the shut off valve,and turned down the gas supply to the range. The humming is not as often but still occurs. Are we safe? Does anyone have any ideas or a better solution to the problem. The house is 90 years old if that makes any difference.

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    Call your gas company (or propane supplier). The pressure in the lines may be wrong. They should be able to adjust the regulator on the line coming into the house.

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    You didn't buy a "gas" range and hook it up to propane did you?
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    Has anyone checked the voltage supply to this range?

    Kinda sounds like it could be a transformer hum.

    If the humming is intermittant, it could indicate that there is a very so-so connection somewhere in the electrical supply.......on either the hot side or the ground/neutral.

    Possibly hooked up to a 240 supply that should be only 120 ???
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    I would check the outlet (receptacle) that your range is plugged into. Electronic ignitors are very sensitive to problems regarding reversed polarity and grounding.

    Make, Model? you provide no information, nor if you've isolated the hum to the regulator or elsewhere. Its just too vague a complaint. Is your first electronic ignition gas cook top/range experience?

    One man's hum is another man's buzz. Downdraft fans can make a hum or buzz noise. Ceramic ignitors can have a harmonic hum. Regulators can hum. Safety valves that prevent non-ignition flow of gas can hum.

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