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    Smile Pine walls need to be refinished

    70's ranch home-pine walls have darkened/stained over the years-
    how can i remove this stain-maybe a varnish-really don't know,

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    Default Re: Pine walls need to be refinished


    Your pine boards may never have been stained. Nice new white pine will gradually darken and turn reddish if not stained to control oxidation. This will happen even if the pine was given coats of varnish. If the surface has oxidized, the only way to get back to the natural color of the wood is to sand it down.
    Mere varnish remover alone will not lighten it significantly. Old varnish will also age some and darken and redden. The varnish remover will help this somewhat.

    It is also possible that you do not have varnish on it, but merely shellac as a finish. If it is shellac, denatured alcohol will rapidly remove it. Try alcohol first to determine if it is shellac. If not shellac, then try varnish remover. It would be highly unusual if no clear coat, such as varnish, was put on the pine.

    In any event, it is a very labor intensive project you are attempting. You might consider painting the paneling and then giving it a wash coat of glaze to highlight it.

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    Default Re: A good life raft is an essential piece

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