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    Default Furniture find, cant identify

    I found this bookcase at an estate sale for $20. I'm not sure of the age. I have seen the style alot and assume it is cheap but I dont really care, Im just looking for period furniture for my 80 year old home.
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    Default Re: Furniture find, cant identify

    If you want period furniture for your home, I have a wonderful, hang off the wall, vintage (turn of the century) Standard manufactured cast iron porcelain sink

    It is lovely - and it has the original faucet. I have a flier with pics of it and the possible handles (hot and cold) you can fit on it to help it maintain that 1900-1930's look. (the original handles were replaced and chrome ones have been put on, the turn of the century metals are brass. )

    Let me know if you want me to send you the flier.

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    Lightbulb Re: Furniture find, cant identify

    There are certain things I would like to know about idenifying furniture. I know how to identify furniture by the style of legs,type of screws, etc.......The items I don't know and cannot find a good resource are.... What dates did black stencils become a way to identify furniture?? What about chalk writing on the underside of furniture?

    Is there a good book that gives the answers or does anyone on this forum have the knowledge? I have googled my brain out trying to find answers.

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    Thanks to all.

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    Default Re: Furniture find, cant identify

    Hey Williamshood...I found these folks a while ago & many of them are very good at identifying pieces, makers, years of production on all sorts of antiques.

    Many have their own specialty, like glass, wood iron, and also pieces like kitchen appliances. The more I go there the more I learn.
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