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    Question Painting galvanized steel gutter guards--help!

    I want to install leaf gutter guards and have found some that are galvanized steel mesh, in 6" x 3' lengths. The problem is that they are rounded and can be see from the street (I have a ranch house). I read that they could be painted, and I would like to paint them a color that blends with my shingles. I have heard that you need to "etch" the galvanized metal before painting. How do I do this?
    I am considering using Behr Ultra Exterior with the primer already in it. It is only for the gutter guards, so if it isn't perfect, I won't mind too much. I just want to make them "disappear" on the roofline.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Painting galvanized steel gutter guards--help!

    Etch the surface with white vinegar. Blow dry with compressed air, or allow to dry at some heat source (hot driveway) then spray with Hammerite. That stuff is really adhesive. Use their primer for galvanized metal first.
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