Of course this happens on weekend, but before we call a plumber,
looking for suggestions re: cycling water pump. pump started
cycling on & off every few seconds. the captive air water tank is pretty empty (can easily be rocked back and forth). Air pressure
is around 25 psi. was told a month or so ago that captive air water tank wasn't holding air pressure but we didn't have any other
symptoms. water pressure was fine.

We shut off pump (so it wouldn't burn out) ..... right now we have
no water unless we turn pump back on and are willing to listen to
pump cycling. aside from shutting off pump, is there anything else we should do to prevent further damage? would like to hold off until Monday a.m. to get someone in (to save on emergency service
charges). this is a seasonal house so we can leave. just wanna make sure that shutting off pump is the best solution for time being.