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    Default trouble with hoses

    I have two hoses connected for watering purposes, however, they leak, there is a washer there, but they still leak. Any suggestions, I want to leave the water turned on so I can use it easily and not have to travel half way around my house to turn it off and on.

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    Default Re: trouble with hoses

    Without seeing the connections, it's hard to say.

    1 - Cheap hoses tend to leak around the connections, even with washers.
    2 - Washer could be damaged or distorted - replace with new.
    3 - Leak may not be coming from the hose at all, but the faucet itself, usually around the stem nut - tighten stem nut slightly until leak stops.
    4 - Connection could be cross-threaded - remove and install properly
    5 - Hoses are damaged - replace hoses.
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    Default Re: trouble with hoses

    I agree with both responses. Fix/replace the hose/faucet & take a walk.

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