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    Default Safely removing tile from fireplace mantle

    Within the next couple months, we will be starting a rehab of a 100 year old house. One of the fireplaces will have to be demolished, but I would like to save the tile surround for reuse on the new fireplace, different location. Looks to be Rookwood or similar prairie style tile and worth saving.

    Our GC is telling us it is going to be expensive (and probably not worth) the trouble to have a professional remove. I would like to tackle this myself.

    After many Google searches, I am coming up empty. Any suggestions on what to read, where to go for info on this process??

    Much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Safely removing tile from fireplace mantle

    Take the mantel off first, then you can attack from the edges. I'd want a wide brick chisel to attempt to break them free. If they are really still fully attached, the only possibility is to cut them off with a diamond blade in a grinder. That process is dustier than you can imagine. You'd need to seal off the room and run an exhaust fan in one window and open the others to pull fresh air through.
    A carbide grit-coated blade in a sawzall is a third but much slower prospect.
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