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    Default rain barrel in winter

    I have had a rain barrel for 10 years long before they became popular. my system works where i had to cut my downspout in half for the accordion syle diverter. In the winter i put the barrel in the barn and have to reinstall my rain downspout. i just put a deverter on the downspout where it is attached to the house and there is no need to touch the downspout in the winter the problem is that it only collects 25% of the water. I do not like it but i do not want to take my downspout apart every spring and fall to use my barrel I have to climb up on a high ladder to do this. Does anyone have any ideas? thank you D Nelson

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    Default Re: rain barrel in winter

    A picture would help. Instead of climbing a ladder why not cut the downspout lower so you can intall the diverter after winter without climbing.
    I'm a diverter that only collects 25% of the water doesn't sound very well designed or installed properly. Is it sized right for the downspout size?

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