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    Default Black stuff in my Water

    From time to time I have this yucky Black stuff that will come out of the faucet in my Bathroom Sink and Kitchen Sink. It seems to be slightly oily and it will just be for a moment then clear up and may not come back for days or weeks... The bad part is If I get a drink of this in the night, Yuck! ANYBODY know what this could be?

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    Default Re: Black stuff in my Water

    Connections from the stop cocks to the faucets those flexible hoses? inside black rubber gaskets decomposing?

    Do you have a bladder type pressure tank? Sounds like it could be a decomposing bladder. Expansion tank at the water heater?

    Water softner or other water treatment system? When was the last time you cleaned it completely and checked the discharge making sure it wasn't growing something nasty?

    Have a hose connected to a non-protected hosebib? Might be syphoning and contaminating your water supply. Sprinkler system?

    Older ball cocks in toilet tanks can syphon - decomposing rubber parts being drawn into your water supply (obscure doubtful but hey, maybe?).

    Do you have a hydronic heating system? might be growing something and contaminating your potable water supply (failed back-flow check valve).

    When did you last have your water quality tested?

    Some other contamination possible. Bioslime in plastic plumbing supply lines, although I haven't heard of that being described as oily.

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    Default Re: Black stuff in my Water

    Do a search for Gibsonville blackstuff on faucets and read the article from the news-record. I am not allowed to post the link but this will explain the mystery. I too have that problem.

    It is a fungus that is not harmful.

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