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    Default Grout line cracking repeatedly

    I have 2 grout lines that I have cleaned out and re-grouted 2 times. I used Polyblend grout [Cement]
    Each time ,the grout will hold for about 2 months, and then start to crack over the entire length of the joint[30 ft.] The tile itself doesn't crack.
    This is a second floor condo with a concrete floor. It is not a solid slab. it is made up of precast concrete panels that are 5 or 6 ft. wide and run the entire length of the floor. In addition to the concrete subfloor, the builder added a cork material under the tile for noise control.
    I think that these joints in the concrete are causing this problem, due to movement.
    It seems all the buildings have the same cracks in the same place.
    I thought about using grout caulk, but I am not sure how it will hold up, since this is a high foot traffic area.
    Someone suggested epoxy grout.Need Help.

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    Default Re: Grout line cracking repeatedly

    Hi sounds like normal expansion cracking. maybe a thin coat of caulking as it will move a little. too bad someone did not install a wood underlayment to address it before the tile installed.

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