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    Red face 1925 tiled kitchen needs range fans

    I've been trying to find someone to consult with about this for several months now. Everyone I contact wants to do a major remodel. I just need advice and maybe a small project. I'd look for a handyman, but the situation calls for someone with specific expertise in older houses as I haven't quite run across a similar situation.

    Here's the spec I've been sending around:

    I have a tiled range area in my 1925 era house. The tile extends into a built-in hood in which there are 2 round holes. I assume these are for exhaust fans of some sort, but they are now just holes in the wall. I want to make the hood functional. Who do I call? I don't need a range hood as such as this function is built-in. Do I need an insert? Just a fan? I can't find a similar set up after some serious research. Perhaps I don't have the correct terminology?

    And here is the diagram:
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    Default Re: 1925 tiled kitchen needs range fans

    The only round, through-the-wall kitchen vent fans I have seen are 8" diameter and 12". Never seen a 5" or a 3.5".
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    Default Re: 1925 tiled kitchen needs range fans

    My guess is these are the ducts to the roof. Although I've actually located fans to fit these sizes, I suspect the original installation simple attached to these ducts. From other observations around this house, 1925 didn't seem to have a lot of standardization. <g> So, my current plan is to adapt an after-market hood insert to vent through my odd ducts. I'll let you know how this works out...

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