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    Default Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

    I recently bought a house about 7 months ago. My yard is graded so as the rest of the yards surrounding me dump all of their water runoff onto my property, and against my back foundation wall. I am now getting water seeping into a small crack into my garage and laundry room. Are professional services like epoxy injection my only options or is there a do it your self option that is just as good and effective? What is the most effective way for me to waterproof the exterior of my foundation. What is the best product you recommend?

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    Hi the foundation was lily not water proofed but damp retarded minimum code - tar applied. There is a great rubberized water proofing product that is used to seal cisterns is not asphalt based and looks green. That you can roll onto the outside of the foundation. without seeing the area hard to comment other then if the neighbors down spouts or yours direct the water close to you foundation extend them away from it. Consider making a swail, shallow ditch to divert the eater around your home.

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