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    Default restoring brass hardware on windows

    Hello, I have a house built in 1939 and it still has the original windows. My husband just finished reglazing them and now I'm working on cleaning the hardware. It's fairly heavy so I'm assuming it's made of brass. I used medium grade steel wool to get the rust off, which worked fine, but the tarnish is harder to remove. I've tried Wright's brass polish, but the smell is very strong and I don't want to get lung cancer just to have shiny brass. I've used Wright's silver polish on some silverware and maybe because it's a cream the smell isn't so bad. The brass polish is a liquid and even with windows open the smell is awful. Any ides on a less toxic method to use on brass? Thanks a lot.

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    Default Re: restoring brass hardware on windows

    To restore brass hardware: clean it with a short soak in ammonia, then buff with a fine wire wheel, and end up polishing it with a medium felt wheel with jeweler's rouge. It will look better than new, and then you can lacquer it if you wish.
    But your "rust" comment makes me believe that it's not solid brass, probably plated over steel/iron. So you will probably not get much further than the wire brush before all the plating is gone.
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