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    Default Re: Would it be okay to put 2 Ceiling Fans on one circuit???

    If 12 gauge was as low cost it was when it was White and not Yellow I would go with the 12 gauge but these days it gets a bit pricey I have already used 750 ft of 14-2 and 150 ft of 12-2 and I still need to run the 2 Ceiling Fans circuit and the switches runs. And now I have to run another 12 gauge for the bath room Heater, Fan & Light. Though I am not funding the materials it is starting to get up there and no fixtures yet... But I guess that is the Cost for having your own Hunting Cabin though not mine...

    Though I do have some White 12 Romex here at my house from years past, today they like to see the yellow to know it is 12 gauge...

    Thanks Guys for the all the help and input.

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