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    Default Re: Choice of electrical service panel

    Quote Originally Posted by deadshort View Post
    Doug, pop another beer and sleep like a baby tonight. Not to worry as those old breakers will not fit in a panel made today.
    Alas I have been burned by contractors before, so while this makes me more comfortable, I shall still be asking the stupid question of him.

    One of the very first jobs I had done on the house was have a beautiful 600 sq. ft. travertine floor laid in the kitchen. It was gorgeous. For about a week. Then it started cracking. And cracking. Every three feet and five feet. Contractor had failed to tape the damn seams of the hardibacker.

    I now do not trust contractors any further than I can throw them.

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    Default Re: Choice of electrical service panel

    It seems that some E Panels are more readily available by location. And also mention what your Electrian likes using being he might get a better cost on his being he might buy a lot from his supplier. For a while Challenger was a common Panel, but then so was Federal Pacific and Pushmatics were once as well. Over time things seem to change.

    As for HD or Lows they don't see much in the way of Commercial Breakers mainly residential. Needed to get a Siemens Breaker and it had a panel that required you screw it in place in the panel being it was a commercial location and the HD would not accept it back even though it was not used they stated they had no way to "test" it to know if it was used or bad. I an only guess that someone return one that was in poor condition and maybe caused issues when used. Not sure a supply house when do that to an Electrician but maybe no trades person they might.

    SD is a big seller around here but again different locations might have a preferred brand. Or not as popular as others.

    Good Luck in your decision.

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