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    Default Sealing/Priming a paint stripped plaster wall?

    I have a 1951 ranch home in TN. Our walls (after doing some renovating) are made of some kind of transitional plaster product that was only used a few years here in TN. It's very thick, two layers, one thick cement/concrete layer with a thick plaster layer over it (so our area contractors tell me ~ I guess "rock lath"?).

    I painted the bathroom with oil base when we moved in 19 years ago (oil base being already used) and it is now, for the first time, cracking and peeling back to the plaster....I think. I say /I think / because the underlying color is pink. I have used stripper to take off all the five layers of paint (coming off in one nice rubbery layer leaving the underlying plaster perfect - but pink), but it has no affect whatsoever on the pink, the white plaster is underneath. It's almost like some kind of VERY thin layer of flat paint. It doesn't seem to be any kind of traditional glossy oil paint that is on the subsequent layers that came off. The pink on the plaster is washable/scrapable and doesn't come off at all (unless gouged).

    So, I should be finished with stripping in the next few days and cleaning with TSP. I plan to go back with latex this time but I first need to prime and /maybe/ seal? I planned on using Zinnser Stain Cover (primer and sealer) but am wondering if I need to do something with this pink stuff first or just seal and prime right over it?

    Anyone have a clue what this pink stuff is and should I be concerned? I don't want to ignore it and have all my paint come back up again to this same thing. The reason we think the paint was peeling and cracking was our teen age boys are now showering a lot more (sports) and take very long showers (a one bathroom house) and we didn't have adequate ventilation. We had a vent, but recently replaced it with something stronger to prevent possible paint probolems again.
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