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    Exclamation making a Deck Shine

    We saw a episode that they put polyurethane in the stain I was wondering how much of the polyurethane you put in per gallon and will that make the deck shiny

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    Default Re: making a Deck Shine


    I would be leery of adding urethanes to a product to the point that it imparts gloss. Glossy surfaces are generally less breathable than flat surfaces. They also have more surface film. If the surface cannot readily respire the moisture that accumulates within the wood, it will very likely peel.

    I not infrequently have customers say that they want to varnish their deck. I caution them not to do that! It will look great for a season, but will definitely show signs of failure the following season. It will then require nasty stripping or sanding to remove it.

    Stick with the formulas which have been tested by the manufacturer!

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