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    Unhappy Sealer left white film on stained concrete floor

    I just recently acid-stained our family room and went to seal it. Everything turned out great until I noticed the sealer was drying white in several areas. Some areas turned out fine, but most turned out with this white film. I don't think I should put a second coat on. Does anyone have any idea why it dried that way? How do I take it off and redo? The sealer I used is a water based, Glaze n Seal Wet Look II sealer clear. Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: Sealer left white film on stained concrete floor

    I had the same thing happen to me with saltillo tiles on my porch. The sealer had to be removed and we used lye soap and a floor scrubber to scrub it off the surface.

    I bought a different sealer at Home Depot that just soaks into the tile, which is very porous (like concrete). It doesn't put a shine or anything on the surface but protects the tile from absorbing any stains and the tile looks very good and natural. You might want to stop by HD and look at the selection. Look for the one that is absorbed.

    Good Luck.

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