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    Thumbs down "Dent" on Hallway/Living room corner

    We recently had some tenants move out that demolished the home, and I've been reading through this forum for various repairs so first, thank you up until this point. One thing they did that I cant find repairs for is one that I could only do if trying, denting a corner. Image below, what do you think?

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    Default Re: "Dent" on Hallway/Living room corner

    This one is going to test your drywall repair ability. First get one of the small drywall saws that they sell or use a utility knife and trim out the drywall so it's somewhat square. You'll need some backing inside the wall to support the new patched piece of drywall that you're going to install in the hole. I use a screwgun (or drill), some inch and a quarter dry wall screws and a piece of 1x4 or 1x6.

    Slide the piece of wood inside the wall, screw it to the existing drywall, leaving a lip of about an inch of wood showing all around the edge of the old drywall. Now lay your patch piece over the hole, and screw it to the wood backing that you installed. Make sure the patch is solid all the way around the hole.

    Next, you're going to have to get some corner bead. Use tin snips to cut it to the length to match the missing piece on the corner. Either nail or screw it in place to match the line of the corner. Now use some of the mesh drywall tape and drywall mud. Tape the joint all the way around the joint. Carefully, use the mud to cover the corner bead on both sides of the corner. Be careful as you can to make it all smooth.

    Let it dry overnight, put a second coat on all of it. If you have any bumps or little "lumps" in the previous coat, either sand or sc**** it smooth before putting on the second coat. You'll need a couple of wide drywall finishing knives (maybe a 10" and a 12") to feather the patch back over the wall. You'll do this to keep it from showing a lump in the wall where you've patched it.

    Put a third (or more coats)until you've smoothed it out and the transition is not visible any more. Now you're going to have to spray a texture on the wall patch, to match existing texture. You can buy a texture gun at Home Depot for $50. Either mix up some watery dry wall mud or buy some of the mixture they sell there. I've only made my own with watery dry wall mud so I can't advise on the mix they sell. Try it on some scrap drywall until you get the surface you want to match the existing. Now go do it.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: "Dent" on Hallway/Living room corner

    From the picture it looks like the corner was originally done without a corner bead. I would recommend that after you cut an install th patch as described above and pictured here that you install corner bead from floor to ceiling. If it had been installed originally it may have limited the damage.

    Also if you are holding a security deposit, make sure you photograph all damage and document all repairs and file it away.
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