Hi guys. We have a peach tree that we planted 3 years ago and I am happy to say that we do have peaches this year. (It had peaches the year we planted it too) But I have a few questions about taking care of the tree.

First, how do I "thin" out the peaches in a way to ensure the branches don't break, and I get nice plump peaches. This tree isn't very tall yet 8-10 feet at the most. It's just loaded down with peaches about the size of a golf ball and all the limbs are bending under the weight. I'm almost afraid they will break off.

I also want to know of any tips and tricks to keep squirrels at bay. We had peaches on it a couple of years ago and the rodents got every last peach by taking 2 or 3 bites and leaving it to rot, or throwing it to the ground What works to keep them out of your trees?