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    Question Can't figure heat gain

    I bought a house near Atlanta, a simple brick ranch from 1971. Now that we are getting into warm weather, my AC runs constantly, even into the night! No, it isn't set for a very cold temp either, the thermostat is set for 77, and the temp climbs into the 80's by the end of the day, even with the AC pumping cold air constantly.

    I've blown additional 10 bales of Atti-Cat pink fiberglass insulation into the attic, and this helped, but the temp still climbs, rather than getting cooler. This weekend I'm going to try checking the soffit venting to see if it's blocked.

    The bedroom end of the house with the hottest hallway has two gable vents, but that is also where there is a shaft to the basement for the furnace flue... perhaps hot air is getting into the wall-space from there?

    I'm making plans to upgrade the tiny vents along the roof-line [i think there are 2 or 3] with powered vents. Aside from that, can anyone think of what is going on here & what to do?

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    Default Re: Can't figure heat gain

    I would recommend consulting the Yellow Pages under "Air Conditioning Contractors and call a service person in your area to have someone come over & check out the situation.

    They would be able to determine if the system has a proper charge of refrigerant with no leaks and also check out some of the things you mention in your post.

    If necessary they can do a heat gain calculation to verify that the unit is properly sized for the building.
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    Default Re: Can't figure heat gain

    I know it sounds too simple, but check your filter and the outdoor condenser to make sure both are clean.

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