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Thread: Sue Shrider

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    Angry Sue Shrider

    We planted a rose of sharon 3 years ago on the Southeast corner of the house located in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. It grows beautifully, but the buds never open. I've fertilized with liquid and granulated, dry fertilizer, but nothing seems to help. I've even sliced the top of the many, many blooms, but they just never open. Do you have any suggestions?

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    they can be picky too much or not enough water.
    they can be picky about not enough sun.
    they can be picky about iron issues.
    but...it sounds like gall midge might be the problem.
    you can find out quickly by taking some of those buds and sealing them in a plastic bag for a few days. you might want to look up gall midge +hibiscus, hardy (rose of sharon). OSU has a good extension site.

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