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    Question Venting port A/C units thru casement windows

    How can you vent portable AV/heating units thru casement windows? Most portable AC units come with window vent units for horizontal or vertical sliding windows, what to do with casements? Any other place to vent except through an exterior wall?

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    Wink Can do Venting port A/C units thru casement windows

    You can do it, but it's going to look a bit odd, and most ways to do it will block the window completely, and possibly involve brads [nails] or duct tape.

    The easiest way that would stay portable would be to mount the vent to a piece of plywood or other material cut to fit the width of your windows, and you just wedge that in place. you can use shims to make it stay without damaging anything.

    If you aren't moving it a lot, you would likely do best using a piece of wood that is also the same height, so that it blocks the whole opening. if that is too awkward, use a smaller board, and look in the insulation aisle of Lowe's [or such] for a type of insulation that looks like bubble wrap with aluminum foil on each side. cut a piece of this a little bigger than the space above the board that you need to block, and staple it to the top of the vent mounting board. tuck the sheet as needed to seal the opening as best you can; which may require tape of some kind... you will have to experiment.

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