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    Default air in cold water directly from well pump

    We have a 1960s rancher with a well pump in the well. Over the past few weeks we have been having some air pockets rush out of the faucets. I first checked for leaks and there are none. Then i checked the pressure on the pump off at 60 on at 25 or 30. It does hold pressure and the water is clean. My cycling is normal it seems to build pressure normally and doesn't cycle more than normal. I then took a hose and hooked it up to the valve where the supply line comes into the expansion tank. I get no air till the pump kicks on and then it shoots all kinds of air out for 2 seconds or and then stopps till it drops pressure again with the valve open. I don't know if the pump is bleeding back into the well or if it is just sucking air due to a low water table.

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    Default Re: air in cold water directly from well pump

    The symptoms you describe are usually an indication of a leak between the check valve and the pump. The check valve is usually located just below the pit-less adapter and is connected to the pipe that goes down to the pump.Take the cap off your well head and look down inside with a flashlight while the pump is running you may be able to see water squirting out of the hole.
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    Default Re: air in cold water directly from well pump

    Mine did that, what JLM suggested was exactly what was wrong with mine.

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