2008 NEC:

210.52 Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlets. This section
provides requirements for 125-volt, 15- and 20-ampere re-
ceptacle outlets. The receptacles required by this section
shall be in addition to any receptacle that is:

  • (1) Part of a luminaire or appliance, or
  • (2) Controlled by a wall switch in accordance with 210.70(A)(1), Exception No. 1, or
  • (3) Located within cabinets or cupboards, or
  • (4) Located more than 1.7 in (5-1/2 ft) above the floor
Permanently installed electric baseboard heaters equipped
with factory-installed receptacle outlets or outlets provided as
a separate assembly by the manufacturer shall be permitted as
the required outlet or outlets for the wall space utilized by
such permanently installed heaters. Such receptacle outlets
shall not be connected to the heater circuits.
FPN: Listed baseboard heaters include instructions that may not permit their installation below receptacle outlets.
(A) General Provisions. In every kitchen, family room,
dining room, living room, parlor, library, den, sunroom,
bedroom, recreation room, or similar room or area of
dwelling units, receptacle outlets shall be installed in accor-
dance with the general provisions specified in 210.52(A)(1)
through (A)(3).

(1) Spacing. Receptacles shall be installed such that no
point measured horizontally along the floor line in any wall
space is more than 1.8 m (6 ft) from a receptacle outlet.

(2) Wall Space. As used in this section, a wall space shall

include the following:
  • (1) Any space 600 mm (2 ft) or more in width (including space measured around corners) and unbroken along the floor line by doorways, fireplaces, and similar openings.
  • (2) The space occupied by fixed panels in exterior walls, excluding sliding panels
  • (3) The space afforded by fixed room dividers such as free-standing bar-type counters or railings
(3) Floor Receptacles. Receptacle outlets in floors shall
not be counted as part of the required number of receptacle
outlets unless located within 450 mm (18 in.) of the wall.