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I am wiring a new interior wall, how many outlets am I allowed off a junction box?
Since you're in Wisconsin, you have no limits to the number of outlets you can have off a general use branch circuit if it is a residential application as long as you compensate for any voltage drop regarding the overall distance of the circuit. Wisconsin uses NFPA 70 the National Electrical Code.

If you have additional questions and would prefer to not use the public nature of posting on an open string scottgolf, you are welcome to Private message myself or any member on the forum who makes that feature available to forum members. Your best first resource for up-to-date information and any local ammendments or restrictions is your local building officials or in code-speak "authority having jurisdiction". They should be able to give you a comprehensive list of adopted uniform national codes and a list of any ammendments. Oftentimes your local public library will have these code resource materials in their reference section.

As I understand the Canadian codes they may have limitations (as do we in the States in commercial but we don't in residential); however Candian Code/Rules are not applicable in the State of Wisconsin.