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i think we found our new lionhearted....

if i remember correctly, a max of 12 ' apart for outlets within dwelling spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms,

for kitchens, there must be a recepticle every 4ft of counter space. and they must be a gfci if within 3' of a water source

the simples way to ask the original question is to say how many outlets + lights can be on one circuit without overloading

by having outlets closer together, obviously you will create more outlets which in turn means more circuits at the panel. by not knowing how many outlets you can have on a circuit and not knowing how to check how many are on it could create a risk of fire or overloading a panel. Which has happened, i know this not by google but from electricians i know who have seen it first hand and had to rewire entire houses after it has happened

when it comes to do it yourself projects there are limits to which diy'ers should go, when personal saftey and put the building at risk of fire, flooding, severe structural damage consult or hire a professional. looking things up ****** can help but there is no way of knowing the persons crudentials are true. theres nothing more assuring than having a certified Professional in your home, directly looking at what you want done.
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dwellings residential we are not limited to the number of recepticals on a circuit. all of our kitchen countertop receptacles (small appliance rules) have to be gfci protected.

The original poster is from Wisconsin not Canada.

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Don't believe any of your inspector stories. Code inspectors have to cite code references in their citations. unless you can prove there was some wacky local ammendment don't believe your stories.