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    Default moving the rug away from baseboards for painting

    How can I move the rug away from the baseboards so I can have a clean trim?
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    Default Re: moving the rug away from baseboards for painting

    When you say “rug” I assume you mean wall-to-wall carpet.

    When I painted my baseboard trim some years ago I bought some plastic strips in the paint department at the home center. You slide these strips in underneath the baseboard (and over the carpet) to keep them separated. After you paint the baseboards leave the plastic strips in place until the paint is dry. Before you remove the strips take a utility knife and cut gently at the base of the baseboard to cut through any drips that have dried on the plastic strips. (Be careful to not cut through the strips.)

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    Default Re: moving the rug away from baseboards for painting

    Something else you could try and I've done it so I know it works, is to buy a little tool at someplace like Home Depot. It looks like a piece of venetian blind but with a handle. It's about a foot long and you just slide it under the base, paint a foot or so of base, and pull it out carefully.

    Use a rag to wipe the paint off the tool and stick it under the next foot of base and repeat the process. The beauty of it was that when I was finished going around the room, I was done. I didn't have to go back around and collect the strips.

    Just another way, no better, no worse.

    Good Luck.

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