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    Default BaseBoard Covers

    I have a 1970's bungalow with hat water heat.
    I hate the old metal radiant baseboard heaters and want to cover them with something nicer then a square box. I saw in this month TOH mag a product called OverBoards anyone know or have any planes to make something like this. http://www.go-overboard.com/renovations.htm

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    Default Re: BaseBoard Covers

    I've never installed this product and I wonder what the cost is.

    They look fine. but before you buy, there may be a less expensive alternative.

    The old baseboard can be completely removed without draining the heating system, because they are designed to be separated & they are made of very thin steel.

    Many contractors update convectors by taking the old ones out & installing what is known as "dummy baseboard", which are widely carried by plumbing supply houses.

    Dummy baseboard are new baseboard covers sold without the heating element.

    You can get your best price quote and a wide style selection from local heating supply houses in your area; if any, the big box stores may carry only 1 model of dummy baseboard.

    If there are any minor adjustments that become necessary, the dummy covers can be easily cut using a circular saw fitted with a metal-cutting blade.
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    This is one of my last "problems" to resolve of my vintage 1961 bathroom remodel.

    My wife and I were looking at the overboards as a replacement to our existing. The tile worker threw down wonderboard ontop of the old base board. Raising the floor by roughly 3/4 to 1 inch higher the previous. The heater runs behind the toilet also {don't ask me why, ohh yes had to return a toilet as it wouldn't clear the heater)

    This action of raising the flooring makes has a clearance of 8 1/5 inch to the water pipe for the toilet. The overboards are 9 1/4 inch high. No longer an option for us unless we work out some cutout.

    For two end caps a corner and two segments of 25" and 45" we were looking at roughly 300-400. They are made of aluminum.

    I am currently looking at fabricating some sort of cedar, to deal with the unique sizing requirements of my bathroom. I would be curious to see any plans that are concocted.

    I would imagine that what I will be attempting to make will look something like the product from this company, not nearly as clean looking as the overboards but sufficient for the application.


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    Default Re: BaseBoard Covers

    An even less expensive alternative I found: www.BaseboardHeaterCovers.com

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