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    Default French Doors and Glass

    I have an old house with 5 french doors, each with 15 6"x10" glass panels.

    I noticed that the glass on these doors are the old standard glass, rather than tempered glass that is found in these doors today. With a toddler around, is there a way to make these panes safer, or should I just replace all the glass with tempered glass?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: French Doors and Glass

    You might want to consider replacing the bottom panes below 3 ft.rather than all. Another option would be to put clear mylar film on each side of the panes.
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    Default Re: French Doors and Glass

    I'm of the opinion that you house proof the child rather than child proof the house.

    In lieu of that, you can either replace the lower panes or you could install a sheet of plexiglass over the lower half of the door. If you don't want to damage the door, replace the door panel with one that has a window in the top half only, until the toddler is past the running into doors phase, the reinstall the glass door.
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