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    Default Add brick edging to my cement patio

    I need advice for adding a brick border to the edge of my cement patio. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Add brick edging to my cement patio


    Could you elaborate a little more on what you want to do, and perhaps add a photo or two??

    Ordinarily, brick edging is used on mortarless patios to hold everything tightly together & prevent the loose elements from coming apart---if you already have a concrete patio, the brick edging would not have such a functional role, but could be put in as an aesthetic enhancement.

    Many times the lawn is brought right up to all the edges of the concrete patio to enhance appearance (if grass is adjacent to the patio), or brick edging is installed flush with the lawn to simplify lawn mowing & maintenance.

    Brick edging also has a tendency to heave in cold climates---sufficient sand or crushed stone would have to be used under the edging to prevent this.

    Also be aware that brick is heavy & difficult to transport if a large amount has to be used--not to mention the expense involved.

    Other edging materials such as pressure treated lumber, etc. are also used and are easier to handle.

    Google "brick edging" patio for numerous sites on this topic.

    The Rutkowski landscape site below in Image 10 (II) has a concrete patio with brick edging entitled "Concrete 'taupe' broom finish w/brick edging patio".

    Would this be what you had in mind???
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    Default Re: Add brick edging to my cement patio

    I'm trying to do something similar...anyone have any experience pouring a walkway with brick edging like this one? Also, how about adding this type of border to an existing patio? Is there a concrete base for the bricks? Does it need to be 4" thick along with everything else? How do you form something like this?


    Any help would be appreciated

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