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    Default electrical boxes, suspended ceilings and ductwork

    In part of my basement the suspended ceiling is dropped lower to incorporate duct work. Unfortunately it's right where I need to install a light...

    The duct blocks access to the joists above, so I cannot attach anything to them.

    The ceiling is light duty, so by code cannot support a light fixture.

    About the only thing I can think of it attaching to the duct itself, but I don't know if that's ok by code.

    Any clever ideas???

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    Default Re: electrical boxes, suspended ceilings and ductwork

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernie_Fergler View Post
    The ceiling is "light duty". Would that mean a residential grade system? I believe Armstrong Industries manufactures three, off the top of my head. But I digress.
    Can you box around the ductwork with 2"X 4"s to provide support?
    Yes, residential system. Couldn't tell you the make or model, it was pre-existing. Judging by how the previous owners did the rest of the house it's "cheapest in Home Depot" from 5 years ago.

    Boxing around the duct isn't an option unfortunately, there isn't the clearance. And I can't lower the ceiling any - it's already only about 6'9 in this part of the basement to accommodate the duct work.

    I think ultimately I just need to work around it. I have a plan B in mind that will hopefully get light to the required areas.

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