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    Default Renovation of T&G porch floor

    My porch floor needs stripping and replacement of at least some boards. Depending on condition after I pull up all the boards, I am debating using composite T&G flooring. However, I am not finding any product available in 1-1/8" thick by 2-1/4" width to match existing floor. I am also not having much luck finding wood (fir) in 2-1/4" width. Two questions.

    1) Any thoughts on mixing composite with reused existing flooring?

    2) Any leads on composite (or wood) flooring in
    1-1/8" x 2-1/4"?

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    Default Re: Renovation of T&G porch floor

    finding 2 1/4 t&g will be pretty tough, its known as strip flooring based on its narrow width. its pretty uncommon nowadays

    as for mixing composite with the old wood, theres no point. if your going to put down composite your better off going with it for the entire thing. too much chance youll be replacing more boards in the near future. as for finding 2 1/4" composite, no dice. you can get something close to that by azek but you will need to rip it down and make your own tongue and groove. trex only comes in 5 1/2" i believe. other composite products are hollow so you cant mill it like azek or trex
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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