I suppose I am a nut case because I am about to do the coating myself and mentally, I have convinced myself to do this annually and here is why.
Having just installed tongue and groove ipe on my second floor porch I am reminded visually of the deep beauty of this wood that is hidden elsewhere through age as the wood earned that interesting gray patina. Originally I applied Messmers to the wood and did not like the look, nor did I like the finish as it degraded. I ordered the product sold by www.restore-a-deck.com to clean the wood in two stages. I plan on lightly pressure cleaning and then adding woodzotic.
After 5 years of the Florida sun, the wood has small surface cracks as though it is craving some sort of finish. I used Ipe because it tends not to splinter like pressure treated. I would say that the wood needs a pressure clean every two years or so anyway so I think the extra effort will be worth it. I will let you know how it looks after a year or so.