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    Re: TOH Season DVD Sets?

    I join the many fans on this thread who came here to purchase TOH on DVD. I grew up with the show, and even quit my desk-job to become a contractor because of the influence of this show. I have...
  2. Poll: Exterior porch with stucco - drywall over it?

    I am converting a screened-in porch to additional living space.
    Currently, the exterior of the house is cement-based stucco.
    The house is only 2 years old.

    My question:

    Do I need to cut out...
  3. Re: Cost to completely rewire an old house?? Is it worth it?

    There is no way the cost will be $3,000 unless you are doing it yourself. You will pay at least $3,000 in materials cost. Even at $16,000+ it is worth it though. I would do it in a heartbeat, since...
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    Re: Ceiling Fan and Light

    To confirm, you have no wall switches for these rooms, therefore, the previous entries won't help you very much, unless you are wanting to install some wall switches.

    So, it sounds like the...
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