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  1. Re: Ideas For Painting The Living Room

    Great Post! Detail, Detail, Detail. Do it once right; or do it over. "Never enough time to do it right, always enough time to do it over". I like bright white walls and ceilings myself. Always looks...
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    Re: which primer?

    Water,steam and moisture are destroyers of paint. Use industrial,commercial grade oil base. Oil and water doesn't mix. Cars are painted in calif. with water based alykilyd enamels and primers because...
  3. Re: What is the toughest paint for kitchen cabinets?

    Toughest Paint? EPOXY, bar none. withstands oil,chemicals,gasoline, some acids (oven cleaner,etc.). Used exclusivly on air craft. Enough said--except that is a 2-part epoxy that has to be combined...
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    Re: refunishing

    You didn't say if/or not the wood has a protective coat over the bare veneer. If it does, what has happened is the protective finish has lifted or seperated from the wood surface due to heat....
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