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    Re: Solar powered attic vent fan by Solatube?

    That radiant heat shield is nothing new. Most insulation manufacturers make it as well. The use of the foil backing on either rolled insulation or on 4x8 rigid board insulation used on exterior walls...
  2. Re: dying grass under pine trees Central New Jersey

    I live in the south with tons of pine trees. The needles are very acidic which makes grass shy away from the area. Most people just keep mulch at the base of the tree extended out about 4 feet. The...
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    Re: Get rid of Creeping Charlie

    Does that stuff grow long roots that run horizontal across the yard and can be up to at least 4" in diameter with the bark covering that looks almost like the skin on a sweet potato?
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    Re: Crabgrass in St. Augustine.

    Ive had St Augustine for years and years and found the best deterent to any lawn invader is get the St Augustine as healthy and thick as possible. You may have a few hitch hikers in early spring but...
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    Re: Garage door trainwreck

    Thank you so much for your replies. Fencepost's comment about never EVER releasing the wires until you release the springs has me a bit worried. The cable loosened when the wreck happened. I swear it...
  6. Re: TOH wants to know what you miss most about houses of the past

    My grandparents old farm house has a breezeway that you enter from the garage and leads into their master bedroom which is the only bedroom on the first floor. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs. I spent...
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    Garage door trainwreck

    I opened my garage door the other day and somehow it jambed. One of the panels bowed in and is now creased. I noticed the left side rail support bar bolted to ceiling that holds the rail up is bent...
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    Re: Overgrown ivy

    I've battled poison ivy off and on for years. It only has existed as long as it has because because some years I failed to get a jump on it late winter and early spring. When caught early the large...
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