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    What am I doing wrong.

    My grandfather originally built the house that I am currently living 65 years ago. It's a small 750 sqft cape located on the corner of a bay and river in the south coast of MA. I am trying to put on...
  2. Re: What do YOU want to see in our Shopping column, readers?

    I would love to see products that are great for green retrofitting of older houses.
  3. Re: What do YOU want to see in our All About column, readers?

    I would like to see something on large projects as well dealing with scope and budgeting and planning as well as dealing with the government. I am doing a substantial renovation on my house right now...
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    Whole House heating renovation

    I am doing an addition/renovation on my current house. It will be done in two stages to meet with requirements of the local building codes as well federal guidelines. The house will be taken down to...
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