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  1. Re: What's the best way to fix a foundation crack?

    Thank you so much for the responses and information. Much appreciated. :) I understand the problem a lot more and now know the best way to fix this problem. Thanks again.
  2. Re: What's the best way to fix a foundation crack?

    When I looked at the house there was a little water on the floor but thought it was because the gutters weren't up yet and the yard was dirt. I noticed a hairline crack just behind the stairs in the...
  3. What's the best way to fix a foundation crack?

    Hello! I went to a Home Show to find some contractors that fix foundations. There were 2 different methods that I was told about. One was by drilling holes at a 45 degree angle then filling the...
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    Home inspectors and what they look for?

    Just wondering what the difference is in home inspections. When building a new home the town inspector comes out to check the home at different stages of the building process. What does the town...
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    New Home Warranty

    Hello. I purchased a new construction home back in May 07, in CT. I bought a new home thinking that I wouldn't have any or many problems. I've had some problems with a leak in the basement due to a...
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    Water leak from gap in attic wall

    Hi. I'm a first time home owner(of a new house). I recently found a water leak coming thru the floor and into the basement. I checked the window area and the pipes going thru the floor (the plumber...
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