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  1. Re: What are the key items I should get for a Radiant Heat system remodel?

    Welcome to New England!----is the house in the northern part of New England or the Southern???---the northern part gets much, much colder---do you have natural gas available???

    With the existing...
  2. Re: Heating recommendations with current stem boiler

    Try clicking onto the article below, as well as the site devoted to steam heat.

    For the second site, click onto heating, then click onto The Wall, then click onto "Strictly Steam".

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    Re: Under Floor Radiant Heating Question

    I agree with Pelton's comments---given the various components that are available, especially kickspace heaters & others mentioned, your main task now is to locate the right contractor in your area...
  4. Thread: No hot water

    by dodsworth

    Re: No hot water

    What is the name & model # of the zone valve??

    Most zone valves have a little lever that can be turned down to physically open the zone valve HW line--try doing this---check the wiring on the ZV...
  5. Re: shower: not enough hot water in winter, only in the last two years (out of 13)


    There are several issues embodied in your post that you will have to deal with:

    1) You live in an apt. that is rented from your landlady who owns a house with a 40 yr old Am. Standard...
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    Re: Problems with pex pipes and baseboard heat


    Yes, I agree--the plumber sub-contractor didn't seem to do the competent thing in this retrofit situation; and yes, I agree that PEX thermal expansion is more than the same length of copper...
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    Re: Hot Water Radiators - Most Are Cold


    This type of problem with the heating system calls for having a service person (SP) over to the house ASAP so that you can restore heat; it's commendable that you're trying to get the...
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    Re: New residential boiler needed


    I would encourage you to continue your search & continue to have several local heating installers in to your house for a quote & choice of boiler---although it may sound confusing at this...
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    Re: Boiler Problems

    When you say you have a "boiler" do you mean you have forced hot water heat with radiators/baseboard???

    Odors are more common in forced hot air systems, where there is numerous ducting throughout...
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    Re: Burhnam Boiler

    I would advise you at this point in your search for a new heating unit NOT to focus or settle on a single model.

    Since you express interest in a condensing boiler can we assume that you have...
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    Re: Strong Radiator now weak

    What Pelton said.


    Don't get discouraged or give up on this relatively minor problem, which can usually be easily remedied by any heating tech who is experienced in hot water heating...
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    Re: New Oil Furnace Recomendation Please


    Could you give us a little more information as to exactly what type of heating system you have now:

    An oil-fired heating system ("furnace") can provide heat to hot water radiators, hot...
  13. Re: Need to heat 18x20 east facing seasonal room


    What kind of heating do you have for the REST of the house???

    Your first approach should be to try & extend your present heating (usually central heat) into the new dining room---this...
  14. Re: Brrrrr--- Missing radiators in many rooms--do I have a small or big problem?


    Granted that your investment searches will necessarily include "vintage" units, I would strongly suggest that as far as the heating system goes, YOU SHOULD CONSIDER ONLY THOSE UNITS THAT...
  15. Re: Brrrrr--- Missing radiators in many rooms--do I have a small or big problem?

    Just from an initial read of your post, this doesn't sound like a very attractive investment---we need more info as to the details of this condo & the building in which it is situated.

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    Re: Gas space heaters for large areas?

    It's hard to answer a question like this over the internet without you actually returning to the house in question on a cool or cold day and actually firing up the propane heaters and checking out...
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    Re: Pex for boilers

    Yes, it's safe.

    PEX has become the standard material used in hot water (hydronic) heating systems these days in place of copper, and in older homes, in place of steel piping, which is no longer...
  18. Re: Converting cast iron radiators from steam to hot water or electric radiators?


    This is always a hard one to call.

    Complaints of loud banging noise from a steam system are usually caused by the cooled steam condensate returning back to hot water (normal) after the...
  19. Re: Best way to manage hot water radiator heat?


    Please provide the info asked for in regards to your general location, whether you have underground gas line service in your area, & also if you can determine (by calling the local oil...
  20. Re: 1891 Victorian with cast iron radiators - temporarily remove for new flooring ins


    I would say find another flooring contractor (the Yellow Pages are full of them) who is familiar with HW radiator systems and IS WILLING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for removing & re-attaching...
  21. Re: selecting a replacement furnace for 2-story condo

    What you are referring to is called a "zoned forced hot air heating system", and there have been quite a number of innovative components introduced in recent years to address exactly the problems you...
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    Re: Fresh Air Intake Valve

    I agree with ed21; especially the part about the carbon monoxide detector and the idea that most older houses are loose enough to let adequate combustion air into the boiler room; besides, leaving a...
  23. Re: Removing a section of Baseboard Permanently


    It's hard to predict beforehand what the exact effects would be if you removed the 8' of cast iron BB from the hallway---there would obviously be a certain amount of heat loss in the...
  24. Re: Slant Fin SE 105EDP GAS WATER BOILER vs WeilMclain CGI-4


    The two boilers you mention in your post, the Weil/McLain and Slant/Fin are both in the 100,000 btu/hr range---this is the WRONG way to go about shopping for a new boiler, chances are both...
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    Re: Banging base board hot water pipes.


    Follow MLB's suggestion & use the plastic "mickeys" for any pipe holders that are accessible.

    To locate the offending pipe supports, or thru-the-floor areas where the piping is rubbing...
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