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  1. What is the proper way to trim cap molding that interfere with door?

    I'm remodeling a powder room with bead board and a rounded cap molding. The door opens into two short walls and hits the cap molding at about 12 inches into the room. What is the proper way to trim...
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    Plumber's Putty unsed with granite

    My plumber finally installed the faucets for my kitchen remodel and used plumber's putty. A few days after the faucets were put in we noticed rings around the sprayer, soap dispenser and...
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    Can I install Pex tubing in a wall?

    I'm restoring a small powder room that had an old cast iron radiator. The radiator takes up valuable space and am wondering if I can put pex tubing in the wall for heat. The floor is concrete, so...
  4. Re: How to operate old wall sconces from wall dimmer switch

    Thanks for the information. I had already checked out the unit and it did not appear to solve my problem. The sconces are hardwired and the only switch is on the sconce itself. The unit suggested...
  5. How to operate old wall sconces from wall dimmer switch

    How do I put old wall sconces on a wall switch? I'm restoring a 1920's colonial revival and I've lots of great old brass wall sconces. The problem is they must each be turned on individually and...
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