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    Re: light switches missing ground wire

    The boxes are those really old brown ones. (fiberglass material maybe?) So they are not the conductive boxes.

    I figured that it was not right, thanks.
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    light switches missing ground wire

    I have a 30 year old house and I am in the process of replacing some light switches. I have replaced several before in the past (different house) fine but this time I discovered that the ground...
  3. Where to find a key switch for an electical circuit?

    I have a shop in my basement with all the electrical outlets on a single circuit. I would like to install a key switch that will turn off and lock that circuit for safety reasons as I do have very...
  4. Blown in celluose insulation R value and compaction

    Can anyone tell me if the R value of blown in cellulose is based on inches after it is blown in or after it has settled/compacted over time?

    I am curious to know if it is true that as it settles,...
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    Re-pointing a brick front porch

    I have brick steps that lead up to the front porch and the mortar is crack in a number of places. It looks like a previous owner tried to use caulk to patch it up but I don't think it is working due...
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