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  1. Re: Your opinion on widow size due to plan changes

    Good grief! Never heard that one and my husband comes home with blonde jokes all the time!!! That's it! I'm going to the store tomorrow and ask for a cure for "that". Of course, being the intelligent...
  2. Your opinion on widow size due to plan changes

    Okay, be patient with me!!:D Some of you fellows are thinking, here we go again! That dumb blonde! If a house plan calls for 10'down and 9' up and we are changing to 9'down and 8' up..will a good...
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    Re: Is it possible to paint a countertop?

    Well I am so glad that I came upon this topic. I too am in the same boat! We are in an old home and will build in the future and would like to try this on my pityfull countertops! Thanks so much...
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    Heart Pine flooring companies

    Hello!:) My husband & I are going to build next year and hope to go with heart pine or old growth pine flooring throughout our house. I have researched some over the internet, but was wondering if...
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