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    Recommendation on toilets

    Does anyone have a good resource for comparing toilets currently on the market? I know I found a link several years old to a Canadian Government site that outlined low flow / dual flush toilets.
  2. Broken Water Condensation Pump for High Efficiency Furnace

    I need a little help and insight. The unit that I have to capture and discharge the condensation and humidifier of my high efficiency furnance has failed. There is a nice puddle in my basement at the...
  3. Recommendation for Exterior Motion Flood Lights

    Looking for recommendations for replacing my existing motion sensor flood lights. I checked out the box stores website for reviews, needless to say it confirmed that they sell POS. But, I know the...
  4. FUBAR - Removing GE Silicone Caulk Windows & Doors

    I pulled a bit of a bonehead move. I used the silicone caulk for installing my replacement window for the interior finish bead work. Well, I am now looking at caulking that can not be painted. I know...
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    Re: Wall Coat Rack? Recommendations

    Thanks for the recommendations. Unfortunately, I don't have the router or other toys to really make a go at crafting something myself.

    Jack, the picture you posted is fairly close to what I had...
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    Wall Coat Rack? Recommendations

    I was wondering if someone might be able to offer suggestions on finding wall coat racks. The setup of my house does not offer the flexibility of a closet by any of my entry doors. A hall tree does...
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    Bathroom Fan - When to replace?

    I installed a Nutone fan about 8 years ago rated for 100 cfm. The performance went down hill fairly rapidly over the past 6 months. I finally did the tissue test to see if it would hold, of course it...
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    Re: Furniture ******

    Hi jenia, not sure where you are located. But this company is in CT and delivers to pretty much all of New England. The kitchen and living room sets I have purchased...
  9. Re: Attic Fiberglass Insulation w/ one side foil, one side paper

    Novak, it looks like we are getting conflicting comments on which side should go down. Suffice it to say, if you want to leave it in the side to the unheated space must be scored.

    From a process...
  10. Re: Attic Fiberglass Insulation w/ one side foil, one side paper

    Oh, I've seen it. It was also in my attic. I ran into the same issue. I talked to numerous people and no one had seen it before. It got to the point where I actually called Owens Corning and talked...
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    Re: Exterior Motion Sensor Lights

    Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. The monsoon weather we have been having may have affected the sensors. I truthfully never thought about the seasonal affect. Let me play with the sensitivity and...
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    Exterior Motion Sensor Lights

    I am running into a couple of problems with my exterior motion sensor lights either going on during the day or a delay in going on at night. I've got two sensor lights on the same circuit. One is a...
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    Re: Wallpaper steamer

    I'm not sure how well that will work. The solution is to soften the adhesive prior to using the steamer. By putting it in the steamer may actually take your project longer but don't really know. I...
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    Re: Safe Digging

    Something to consider, prior to 811 it was Dig Safe. When the program was run under Dig Safe, I ran into two rather interesting issues. The Dig Safe program would not map out the water main into the...
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    Re: Tree Removal

    Other things to consider; for at times I wish I had when I had trees taken down a few years ago.
    Do you have neighbors that need firewood? Would they be willing to share in the cost? Or how much is...
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    Re: Removing lally column ?

    What type of engineer would you recommend reviewing this type of situation?

    I am bucking up a similar problem where at some point in time a lally column was removed in my basement. I just...
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    Re: G**** Vine Trellis

    This may sound strange but I will throw this out there. Have you ever thought about calling or emailing Welch Foods or National G**** Cooperative? They might be able to provide some insight. Just to...
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    Re: Covering exposed insulation

    Notsohandy, don't sell yourself short on what you may or may not be able to do. I've been able to get certain projects done by just asking friends and neighbors for help. You may not be able to lift...
  19. Re: New Construction vs. Replacement Windows

    Bstar, just to give you a flavor. I had a couple of inquiries out to real estate professionals as to what would the impact be putting in replacements versus new construction windows for my house. The...
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    Re: stormwater collection from gutters

    I was wondering from those that have put in a catch barrel system. What do you do during the winter months, if the temperatures get below freezing? I've seen several diverters to the downspout but...
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    Re: A/Cunit freezes up

    I concur with hvacguy. Your gas level is low for I have the exact issue with my window unit whereby every year I need to add a little more gas to keep the coils from freezing. Unfortunately, I have...
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    Re: Replacement windows

    My wife and I just went through the same situation. Extremely painful on what to believe and who to believe.

    Basically, we are down to looking at two different window brands, Alside vs Anderson....
  23. New Construction vs. Replacement Windows

    Looking for some insight and clarity into making a decision between new construction versus replacement windows for my house. The original 1960's windows are shot to the point of no return. There is...
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    Re: Compost?

    Give you a flavor from a newbie on composting. I was looking some years ago for what type of compost bin to build. Well, decided to with the KISS principle. There was an old ATOH episode where Roger...
  25. Re: Getting New Gutters n Downs Install ????

    I had installed several years ago the Gutter Helmet system. The issues I am having with it is more based upon the installer versus the actual design.

    A few things to consider:

    How will the...
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