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  1. Re: What kinds of energy-saving projects have you completed?

    When we bought our 1906 house, we knew we'd be putting a lot of time and money into it. We decided that we'd rather pay more up front for energy efficiency and save money later.
    We gutted the...
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    Re: Our 1906 Georgian Revival Remodel

    The first year we didn't even live there, we kept our tiny rental apartment one city over. The old fella works in construction and has to be at work by six, so we'd get up at four, he'd drive me to...
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    Our 1906 Georgian Revival Remodel

    Four years ago we bought our old house on the north shore of Lake Erie. It was built in 1906 by the owners of the old house across the street as a summer home for their niece, then purchased by a...
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    Anybody know anything about swimming ponds?

    Hey there, hello from a new poster.
    The old fella and I take a break from working on our old house by doing some landscaping in the summer months. We've begun digging a series of ponds, but last...
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