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    Re: Wallpaper removal

    There are various tips being shared here to remove the wall paper. But why don’t you have a look of tips being shared at this old house. Hope it will help you in resolving your issue. Check out this...
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    Re: Exterior paint is peeling

    Yea, I can understand your problem as how difficult is the maintenance of double hung Wood windows. It always get moisten and hence become hard to prevent mold and mildew, and then the paint peels...
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    Re: Window or skylight for small bath?

    Well, I love skylight. I have sky light in my bathroom above the tub that gives an ethereal glow to the entire bath room. This is how we minimize the use of artificial lights and the energy to power...
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    Re: Paint line between wall and ceiling

    I do will suggest crown molding as they are one of the architectural features that can really add value to your home. They add a visual presence that can make a home feel more upscale. Done
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    Re: How can I repair this door knob?

    For every doorknob or deadbolt lock installed in your home, there is a hole. Fill and seal those hole or cavities with new wood epoxy to provide a paintable surface that, unlike old wood putties,...
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    Re: rugs in small apartment

    It is basically the kind of rug that is used along with the colors that decides how a room would look.*If a rug has to be used in a small room, we could try a non-textured solid...
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    Re: making garden around home

    Having a garden around the house is a very good idea but you will have to put in a lot of effort for its upkeep. A well kept, trimmed garden is what adds to the beauty of the house.What I would...
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    Re: Prep work before painting

    It is extremely important to do all the prep work before you start to paint.You can simply sand out the extra trimmings and make it as flat and smooth as possible to get the best results.Try and do...
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    Re: solar panels on metal roof

    I totally agree with Mastercarpentry when he suggests that no company would start a job without at least one prior visual inspection of the site on which they are suppose to work and now that they...
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    Re: Fencing: Vinyl

    Not all vinyl fences are break up with temperature swings and climate condition changes. There are PVC vinyl fences that are precisely engineered to ensure the greatest impact resistance. PVC resin...
  11. Re: Fire pit drainage in yard with high water table

    While surfing ****** for your solution, I find great tips and design at and thought it share it with you. Here is the link, hope it might help you.
  12. Re: How effective is deer barrier fencing?

    Just having fencing doesn’t ensure deer barrier. However, there are various facts that need to keep in mind when installing such a fence. Height, or width, is probably the most important factor with...
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    Re: condensation on interior walls

    The condensation in the rooms could be due to lack of air movement in the house.It could also be the result of moisture coming in contact with a cold surface encouraging the growth of mold on the...
  14. Re: U shaped house, want to enclose porch area.

    Well, if you are looking for shade both from sun as well as rain then I feel you could try creating a covered area by using fiber glass sheet and then decorating it with a lot of indoor plants to...
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    Re: Seal cement fountain cracks?

    Due to unique technical breakthroughs in polymer chemistry, a complete pond or fountain waterproofing, crack and freeze damage repair system is both available and affordable for the home owner or...
  16. Re: Chestnut for countertops - good idea or not?

    Though most of the kitchens and bathroom counters are made from stone,ceramics or other type of solid slab but wood counters can also be a viable and attractive option.Wood counters add warmth and...
  17. Re: Water Damage to Granite Counter from Water Pipe burst

    I believe you are right that the cabinet under the counter top has swelled up because of water.I think you need to wait for a few days so that it dries up and you have a better idea of all the damage...
  18. Re: Period iron/metal fence that doesn't cost a fortune?

    Though cast iron fences may be easy to maintain but are quite costly.Cast Iron is one of the most durable and recycled building material.It is highly resistant to corrosion which makes it ideal for...
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    Re: Hardwood Flooring

    First and foremost I feel you need to take the advise from a professional so that you follow the right guidelines and get the best results.I would also suggest getting the sanding of the floor and...
  20. Re: Mold in my attic ceiling, water in my

    10 years is a long time and I am not sure weather you would be able to bring in the original builder.Homes need a lot of maintenance and should be cared for well to keep every part of it running...
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    Re: Insulate brick from outside

    There is no doubt about the beauty and elegance of brick or stone house.But unfortunately the material provides the worst kind of insulation because of moisture penetration,air leaks and general...
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    Re: Wall paper removal

    Ordjen has given some lovely tips on wall paper removal.I would also suggest that you first test a small corner as that will help you to make a decision of getting the wallpaper replaced or get the...
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    Re: Cleaning laminate floors

    I somehow agree with dj1 that though you are trying to keep the floor clean but the floor itself may not be of top quality.i would suggest that you use soft brush attachment on the vacuum or use a...
  24. Re: Heat pump on my water heater. Should I turn it off in winter to save heat?

    You should not turn off the water heater just to save heat instead you should leave the heating system running at a minimum setting (with the water turned off of course) Though it might seem like a...
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    Re: Flat roof

    Water should not be able to hold up on the roof as it will keep the roof wet and with time will star to You should have sloped the roof enough that the water drained on its own and not stay there in...
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