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  1. Re: Our plaster directly on exterior brick?????

    Hi all!

    Thanks for all of the advice.
    We never had a chance to use the fabric softner on the walls in this particular room. We started out by removing some of the ceiling because of an old...
  2. Re: Our plaster directly on exterior brick?????

    No, it's the entire house, 4300 sq ft of exterior walls. There is only one layer of the the brown coat then the wallpaper on top of that. It looks like they used a thin layer of skim coat over the...
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    Re: Removing or Painting over Wallpaper

    Have you tried using FABRIC SOFTNER...
    It is working well for us. Get a sponge and a good sc****r. If you can pull up a corner and sponge some in, it really seems to work wonders. Good luck.
  4. Our plaster directly on exterior brick?????

    :eek:We just started picking at a wall that was crumbling under the million layers of wallpaper. We found that the "plaster" was applied directly to the brick, there is no lath in sight? I don't know...
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    Re: 157 year old plaster walls

    I saw it on a little bubble on some tlc show. I tried it out. I didn't want to use heavy chemicals since this house is huge with ALOT of wallpaper to remove. We have small children and alot of pets....
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    157 year old plaster walls

    Our house was built in 1851 and is covered floor to ceiling in wallpaper. Some of the rooms were re-rocked but most of them are still the old plaster. I had used fabric softner to remove alot of the...
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